Peter Rabbit and the cabbage patch

Thornback and Peel are the chappys ehind this cabbage and bunny wallpaper that reminds me of illustrated Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit collection. It's not out yet but is 'coming soon'. When it does, I want to cover my dining room with it. Which brings me nicely to the reason for this blog..

I don't have a dining room. Or a home for that matter. For the last 12 months, I've optimistically kept a scrapbook which is now bulging - three photos to a page - of ripped out magazine bits and scraps of fabric.

Only I currently squeeze my lifelong belongings into a bedroom the size of a car park space. So the old scrapbook and this new blog are my wealth of inspiration for Summer 2012 when I intend to buy my first little flat.

Read on for what else I have collected to date - and how I've revamped it. And what else I want to squash in to my first pad.

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