A Monday Afternoon (Anthropological) fantasy.

My colleague just introduced me to the beautiful homeware shop Anthropologie. Here's what's on my wishlist so far...

Top of my list: This sort-of postmodern chandelier. Most chandeliery-type ceiling hangings have glary bulb lighting but this one has a lovely, gentle glow. At £3,000+, the pricetag is a little overbudget so I'd settle for this £90ish birdie lampshade, which I suspect would also give off a warming rosy light.

Who wouldn't want a mural of Arcadia in their homes? I'd love mine on a freestanding/moveable wall in the centre of my big open-plan factory converted apartment. Perhaps separating the claw-footed bath from the gently-peeling French desk. (It is Arcadia/fantasy land after all).

And whoever says they don't need a tassled, Brazilian teatowel is lying.

For loose leaf cuppas taken inside that claw-foot bath whilst gazing at my Arcadia mural and contemplating a return to my gentle-peeling French desk...
Monday afternoon fantasy over... Back to work in the office. In other words, back to melamine desks and filing cabinets - not claw foot, china cup of loose leaf tea or a whiff of Arcadia in sight.

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