Where to buy nick-nacks for: Gardens

Ever since I moved into a teeny, wonky flat above a bacon sandwich shop earlier this year, I've desperately missed my old garden. (On the plus side, we're in the centre of London, but on the downside, we've lost our big patch of gravel).
After persuading Wills for four months to drill an old fishmonger's wooden box onto our window sill, as a makeshift herb garden, I've given up. Our flat is upstairs so anything balanced on the window would likely fall off and concuss someone. 
In homage to the garden I wish I could have, here are some garden beauties I've spotted on my online shopping. (That is, online shopping until my virtual e-basket is full, then Wills forcing me to log out)...

One day: 

The Flower Studio

Cooper Rowe Vintage Living
Posh Garden Furniture
Sorbet Living

Plants Delivered


The Oak and Rope Company

Uber Games

Velvet Ribbon

Barefoot Kitchen

The Gluttonous Gardener, (what a wonderful name for a shop).

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