Art: the (financial) dilemma

My first ever piece of 'art' was an enormous white canvas with three pale grey pebbles on it. It's from IKEA and I bought it as an excited 16-year-old - excited that IKEA had come to Cardiff because I loved interiors and excited that I owned some art.
Today, on my rare trips to IKEA, I bypass that section. Like they were then, the prints are all mass produced, unimaginative and computer generated. In fact, art is hard to come by at all on a budget. Some great little art boutiques in Angel and Columbia Road, London, but unless you've £1,000+ to invest, not worth a trip. That's why these days, I mostly create my own art, or attempt to. (Check it out here).

But after a browse on Not On The High Street, and these caught my eye:
£270 from Sapele
£450 from Alila

Good, solid, unique picture frames are hard to come by these days too. I've had some made-to-order in St Ives using local whitewashed woods. Habitat isn't a bad option either, if you're after something XXL on a budget. But these are also cute:

Camel & Yack
Moa Designs

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