Through the keyhole

I loved reading Abigail Ahern's book last year (and posting a blog about it here). 
So I was excited to learn that Todd Selby visited her at home recently. Here are the pics of her London flat from his website. Suspect it would be fairly easy to replicate the dark painted floorboards, stripped brick walls (if you're blessed with a house with good foundations), and the moody colour scheme with showpiece lighting...
Other key ingredients:

1. Freshly-painted front door and window frames. 
2. Acid bright chairs (modern shapes only) alongside a kilim rug

3. Claw-footed bath, showpiece lighting and not much else in your bathroom
4. A striking picture. You can make one. (Hint: Try this link).

 5. Clashing seating - the bolder and more modernist, the better.
6. An antique fishmonger's crate, of course. (There's one here).

7. Painted floorboards (not just white or oak)
8. Yet another showstopping light fitting

9. A giant floor spotlight.
10. A particularly high ceiling. This is where some of us may struggle. 

For a replica Chesterfield, check out my Meet Bruce post. 

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