Warning: Longest blogpost ever. Read only if you want to kit out your kitchen

I live in a small flat with an even smaller kitchen. It isn't even a kitchen - more of a strip of worktops along one wall of my sitting room. There's exactly one square of worktop space, a small sink and some very nasty black tiles that are impossible to disguise (or replace - because it's a rental). 
These are the kitcheny bits and bobs that I'd buy if I had my own large kitchen. My favourites are the cow glasses, the antique bread tins and the completely impractical (but adorable) eggcup cosies.

PS: After this final 'where to shop' post, I'm reverting back to the old Peaches and Trifles blog styles of customising, reinventing and homes to lust after. 

Remind me of Malted Milk biscuits (£25 for six, Freshly Forked)

Bit salty at £70, but antique white linen (Linenme) doesn't come cheap
Yes please! (Magpie Living, £16 for two)

The Original Home Store
Out of Love (check out the Fresh Juice and Wine versions too)

Jessica Hogarth Designs

£24 each! But check out those dimples. (Linda Broomfield). 
The primrose teacup is by Alison Appleton

Doris & Co (£70 - twee little messages printed on the side)
Instead of traditional work units, I'd display my food in clear glass jars on this dresser. I'd also have a larder. It's £925 from the Orchard Furniture company.

Eggy soldiers with hats. £40 for four. Gulp. (Samantha Holmes)

Cake tins: Would rather buy new than find old, vintage tins that might taste of old metal, mould and stale cheese. (The Chic Country Home).
Glasses: Look pretty. But last time I had a set of metal mugs, it tasted like drinking tea over a new filling. Jury's out on these. Good for picnics though - might overpower the taste of warm sandwiches tinged with Tupperware. (Teacosy Home)

Stunningly expensive. Good, robust rope handles. Personalisation element means a good option for a wedding gift. From The Oak and Rope Company. Check out the company's outdoor swings in my previous post. 

The Vintage Tea Cup
Primrose & Plum. Might be a better option to find them second-hand, for a bit more character. Try a Swedish Loppis. 

A touch of Indian raj. Also look reassuringly robust. (Nkuku)
Big, lose-your-nose-in-them French coffee cups. £66.50 for six. Dibor. 

Linda Bloomfield. I'd love the whole dinner service. The shapes look slightly off kilt and they're stained wonderfully pale pastel and creamy shades. £399 for a service.
Brilliantly decadent butter dome. The Rose Shack.

Melody Rose, What would granny say?!

Nom mug. Autumnal Sunday afternoon cuppa-worthy.
Wine glasses, Silver plated. The Orchard

Serving bottles! Novel. (Door 77)
Regal teacups and china. Another gem from The Orchard

Thornback and Peel - like the background of this blog

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